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May picture pala tayo! Say whuuuut? Haha! Thank you for being so nice. One of the closest guy friends I have. Please take care of Madz because regarding to your stories i can tell she’s really wonderful and swerte ka sa kanya. On the other hand swerte din ako to have a brother like you, who’s always taking care of me. Baka magselos si greg. Huhu wala akong makitang pictures namin. :’( anyway! See you around. Miss you coiyieee! #ItTakesGutzToBeAGutierrez

To my lovely baby girl! Umiiyak pag pagod, pag gutom. Sobra kung tumawa kaya mas nakakatawa. Mababaw, selfless, straightforward. Very unique personalities you have makes you one and only. Happy Birthday sabing! From ATE YEN hanggang naging YEN nalang sa huli. I love you baby girl! Godbless you! We’ll bond soon! Alam mo naman na UST at heart ako. Lol HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! @sabbiancateng

730 days. 24 months. 2 years has never been easy. And yet we made it this far. Nag improve naman tayo parehas, I know kahit may times na nagkakaproblema parin. Mas independent na din tayo or me rather. Alam ko makikita din nila yung nakikita ko sayo. Tiis lang. Once na kaya mo na talaga alam ko you’ll change their minds. Let’s be better or so you say. Goodluck on our future endevours babe. Lalo sa board exam natin,we will make our parents proud and ourselves too. Magiging ok din lahat in the future! HAPPY 2ND YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Kudos to us! I love you babe! Thank you for everything! #2Years #Love #Friendship #Bond #Together

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